Reset master position based on current selected master?

I have created a master and applied the dropping behavior to its original position. One very annoying thing is that when i’m editing the master, it doesn’t overlay the other elements in the current page, so I lose all reference.

If I want to correct the position for a master I have to double click it and eyeball a white screen and magically hit the spot where I want that object to be in the screen. Now if I uncheck “Lock to master location”, I can freely move it, but all the other master objects in the other pages are still in the wrong position, not to mention the master itself.

So, is there a way to reset the original master’s position based on the position of the current master on the screen?

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There isn’t a magic button or menu option to do this. But, you could copy-paste your page content into the master, convert to dynamic panel (or just group it all) to use as a temporary guide. Move it to its relative location—relative to your master—and use it as a guide for positioning your master widgets. When done, delete that panel/group.

Some tips for this “onion skin guide” approach:

  • Set the opacity for the temp panel/group to 50% or whatever allows easy distinction.

  • Either send the panel to back (Ctrl-Shift-[ ) or bring to front (Ctrl-Shift-] ) and lock it’s location (Ctrl-K ) so when you click around it selects widgets in your master and not the temp panel.

  • Use the “Hidden” checkbox in the main menu toolbar to toggle the temp panel on/off. If you have a temp dynamic panel (instead of a group) you can also use the “eyeball” icon on the far right of the objects panel-menu.

Or, you could just use some quick math to calculate where you want your master widgets to be located relative to your page content. Jot down location of a widget or two that would serve as anchor locations, then calculate an “offset dimension”, eg, -32 px, that will work for your Master widgets.