Resetting filtered repeater table

Hi, I’m sure this is very simple, but I can’t work it out. I’ve created a repeater table that can be filtered using a series of checkboxes. What I’d like to happen is that when all checkboxes are unselected, the table shows all entries again, i.e. resets itself.

Please could someone take a look at my project and help me out?

FilterTable.rp (73.3 KB)

Many thanks

Hi JopSmith,

Here you go - FilterTable_v.0.2.rp (74.8 KB)

I have added a counter variable which counts the number of active filters. When you remove one, there is a function to check if its value is zero. If it is then I remove all filters which resets the table.

I am sure that there are other ways to do it but this one came first to my mind.


That’s great, thanks for your help!

Hi again, please can you help me out again?

I seem to have broken the filter reset in my latest version and don’t know what I’ve done.

Any chance you could take a look?

Many thanks


FilterTable_v2.1.rp (210.8 KB)

Fixed it. I was missing an OnMove interaction. All working again now.

I’ll leave it alone now!

Thanks anyway.

Glad it worked out :slight_smile: