Resize a container - conitionally


I am working on a project where I want to have a container (with 2 columns) and a footer to be resized and moved when column 1 resizes - but when column1.height < column1.height, the container still has to ‘embrace’ column 2.

The resizing works fine (on click Verify), but when going back (Cancel) the script seems to miss the limitation.

Can anybody please take a fresh look?

2021.06.28 Rezize a container - conditionally.rp (214.8 KB)

I assume you mean “column1.height < column2.height” …but what does “embrace” mean in this context?

  • Does the resizing actually work correctly upon clicking Verify?
    • To me, it looks like there is 65 px of margin lost underneath the two “request” items in column 1 when either “Verify” button is clicked. So the initial 85 px of margin is reduced to 20 px, and then it remains at 20 px margin thereafter.
    • Your Interaction code for the RESIZED event of the “DP 2 Information requests” dynamic panel includes a ‘+20’ as a “margin factor”. If you change that to ‘+85’ then that initial bottom margin is retained throughout, regardless of clicking “Verify”, “Save”, or either “Cancel” buttons.
  • I don’t see any problems or changes after clicking any “Cancel” button, but maybe I don’t understand what you intend to happen. What does “miss the limitation” mean in this context?

Sorry MCB, something went wrong when isolating the specific issue in my master file: the text in the right file got the wrong (too small) size, and therefore the issue is not clear. In the new file you can clearly see column2 being higher than column1, and what goes wrong when clicking Cancel. I hope you can have a look again …2021.07.01 Rezize a container - conditionally.rp (215.7 KB)