Resize all elements/scale webpage?

Hey everyone,

I’m completely new to Axure and I’m looking for a way to scale an entire webpage. Basically, another person has created a webpage in Axure, but everything in it is too big. I want to make it 50% the size it is now. I’ve tried setting the height and width dimensions as half their current values, but that messes up the spacing between elements. I’ve tried asking the person who made the webpage for help but they didn’t know any other way of scaling/resizing. Is there a way to scale all elements in the webpage which would properly adjust their spacing?

Thank you!

I doubt you’ll be able to do it the way you are imagining. if it were a flat image you could drag and size it from the side handles. but assuming this is a page with a bunch of components on it, you will have to adjust it regardless.

So with that realization in mind, the best I would suggest would be:
0) duplicate the page you want to change, and work on the duplicate (just in case)

  1. select everything and group it into one element
  2. hold shift, and grab from a corner of the group to resize it while maintaining the proportions for the shape elements
  3. once you have the overall size in place, ungroup back to individual elements
  4. begin the process of tweaking each individual element to suit the new size. (mostly Font and text adjustments.
  5. also not masters and dynamic panels may not work as simply during the resize.

good luck.

alternatively… would just zooming out in the browser work? or maybe setting the page zoom to fit the screen?