Resize prototype with multiple dynamic panels


I think I might’ve put myself in the corner here, but I need to get it fixed asap so let me try and explain it.

My prototype is made out of .png files turned into dynamic panels:

  • one for the header so it’s always fixed at the top
  • one for the scrollable side tree
  • one for page specific controls
  • one for the main body

The issue i have is that the prototype ended up being too big, and I need it to look nice on standard mac screen without requiring any adjustments. I know that one solution would be to start over with smaller png-s, but that means throwing away many hours of work. Please, help!

It’s not clear what your exact problem is… Could you explain more about what you are trying to do or change? What is the issue with being “too big”? Does it load slow or have click-lag?

It would help greatly if you could post your .rp file.

If you mean you made the width of your prototype, say, 1400px and you really should have made it, say, 1140, then you’re going to either need to edit everything or start from scratch.

Maybe just use the browser resize functionality or change the screen resolution if possible?