Resizing widgets with 1px step

Its very uncomfortable to resize widgets’ size by dragging their edges by 1px. In RP8 we could resize it with step being equal to grid’s step and tune it manualy if specific value needed.

First of all Axure is not graphic editor or smth like photoshop. We dont need this precise size changing. Prototypes have to be accurate and sizing with step equal to grid’s step helps to make them accurate.

EDIT: Snap to grid turned on but nothing have changed.

Hi there! It sounds like you have “Snap to grid” turned on in RP 8. Here’s where you can enable it in RP 9 (right-click on a blank canvas area to get to this menu).

It was one of the first settings i’ve turned on. But still.

This doesn’t work for me as well.

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Check that gif please.

Hi guys!

I was able to reproduce this where widgets do not snap to the grid when resizing, even with “Snap to Grid” enabled, and I’ve filed a bug with our QA team so that we can get this fixed up. :slight_smile:

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Hi, Axure Team! Any update on this bug? I have just downloaded the latest major update and am very disappointed that this bug (or feature?) is still there. It prevents me from migrating totally to axure 9, as I got used to making clean and “round-size-dimensions” widgets in my prototypes. Thanks!

Hi strantravels!

You’re right that this looks to be broken still in the latest build of the 9 beta, and I’ll bring this up with our teams to see where we stand on a fix for this issue.

Thanks for identifying the snap to grid issue. It snaps on moving widgets but not when resizing them.

Any news about this bug?