[resolved] If, if or if and if or if is seleted then the state of dynamic panel is automaticly

Hi everyone,

I have a little issue with my work. I customised my checkbox and droplist.
each checkbox is a dynamique panel…

I have a form with conditions. If each elements are selected then my call to action have to actif.

But i don’t know how … i don’t know well the variable … i think it’s with variable that i can do this.

the link : https://v5belz.axshare.com/

Can you help me pls ?

Souscription.rp (305.0 KB)

Thank a lot :slight_smile:

Hello Laurent,

variables are not good choice, try this:


Also you use masters for radiobutton, you need to combine tip above with Raised Events:


Hi Dymik,

Thank you for your helping.

Your example works because you use the form elements by default. But i need to custom my droplist element and radio button… I can’t use the fire event and explain as condition selected or not for the button radio… :confused:

Do you understand what i mean ?
DO you know how i can do this ? I added the raise composant on my master thank you for this.

Someone Know how i can do this ?


I’m trying to create the behavior with OnLoad interaction, but it doesn’t work.

I have two dynamic panels:
D_variables (with two states: selected and onSelected)
D_CTA (with two states: active and inactive)

By default when the page is loaded, they are like that:
D_variables : onSelected
D_CTA : inactive

When you click on D_variable, the status changes to selected.

On D_CTA, I said about the OnLoad interaction:
If D_variable is on the selected state then displays the active state of D_CTA.

But it doesn’t work.

On the other hand if by default I display D_variable on Selected, when loading the page I have D_CTA which displays the active state…

Why does the OnLoad interaction not work?

Thank you.

I think this is what you were after based on your first post.

I rigged it up so that selections in your droplist and both radio groups increment corresponding variables. When all variables = 1, your CTA is set to active.

Souscription.rp (340.7 KB)


Ok!!! I just figured out how you did it.

Thank you very much!

In fact you put the same value on the first two buttons and the same value on the two… firstRadioselecd = 1…

And the condition you put it on the radio and drop-down list buttons and not on the CTA…

I better understand the use of variables now.

Thank you very much.