Responsive views mistake

Hello guys I made terrible mistake I made responsive views like this:

The problem is view 320 should be the last. Everything is ready in project and I dont know how to change it quick. Is any chance to just switch this views? correct sequence should be : LARGE DISPLAY / TABLET / PHONE . I tried copy elements but some of them are wrong for example we have view 320 and my paste menu is on 768 ;/ please help

Hi dstefanskid,

It sounds like you’d like to reverse the order of your adaptive views–is this right? There isn’t a way to do this in Axure RP, so I’m afraid to say that the best approach may be to delete and recreate the “Portrait Phone” adaptive view. Since the “Portrait Tablet” view is currently inheriting from this view (which in turn is inheriting from the “Large Display” base view), deleting the phone view will cause the tablet view to automatically begin inheriting from the base view. After removing the existing phone view, you can then create a new one under the tablet view. With this approach, you would only need to recreate the new phone view instead of having to recreate both of the tablet and phone views.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like some assistance with doing this with your current file!