Restricting a dynamic panel to open up on click of nodes


I have a certain scenario wherein I have a tree, an icon and a pop-up. The icon and the pop-up are dynamic panels which work on click of particular tree nodes. So in my file for instance on click of the folder Capital Account Balance under Gulf Stream Capital and then click of envelope icon above (in white) a pop-up open with its respective state.

Now similarly on click of some other folder (Fund Documents (shared)) and then following same procedure another state of the pop-up opens. Now the issue is even if I click on that icon anytime either without selecting a folder or with selecting any other folders apart from these two, the pop-up still opens. How do I restrict the pop-up to open unless the icon is clicked post selecting either of the above two folders? Posting my file for reference.manage emails - Final Version.rp (615.6 KB)

Hi @rahulzlpr,

You could:

  • Disable this icon by default