Retain checkbox value in dynamic panels inside repeater row

Hi Axure experts!

I have an accordion created by dynamic panels inside a repeater. I have a checkbox in the repeater that I need to pass if it is selected or not selected to the dynamic panel. Confused? Please see attached prototype.

checkboxInRepeater.rp (176.8 KB)

Check a checkbox (checkbox1) and click “Expand”, see checkbox inside accordion panel (checkbox2) should be selected. Vice versa, if the checkbox2 is checked, close the panel then checkbox1 is checked. I have been struggling with it and cannot make it work.

Any help/pointers are appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Jenny

There’s an anotated demo of some alternatives here.

The main idea is to get the repeater to do more for you. Checking boxes and clicking ‘more’ (or a chevron I’ve put in) modifies values in the repeater for that row.

Ive attached the file for this here - hope it’s useful!

Regards - Mike Gray

checkboxInRepeater.rp (276.2 KB)

Wow, thank you Mike, for your thorough instructions.
I definitely learned something new. Thank you.

No problem at all.

All of this would be a lot easier WITHOUT using a repeater - but I assume you’ve reasons for doing so. There are some real advantages in using repeaters. I used to say - ‘anywhere where you have repeating items - of any sort - use a repeater’. It makes it a lot easier to centrally manage design and layout - but as you’ve seen it can come at a bit of a cost in the ‘tearing hair out’ department.

The demo I did which contains the info about the 2 values ISOPEN and ISCHECKED is really useful - it shows just how often the OnItemLoad script is being run. All the time. Anytime the repeater is accessed - it runs.