Reusing the same variable

Hi all,

I am trying to allow a tester to create multiple items which then show in a repeater on another page. This si my basic workflow at the moment:

  1. User enters text into “Item Name” field on “Page1”
  2. User clicks on “save” button
  3. User is sent to “Page2” which shows a repeater which will show a row with [[Item Name]] on.
  4. User clicks on button to return to “Page1”

Steps 1-3 are repeated multiple time, each time a new row in the repeater should be created, for each new “Item Name” created.

How is this achieved? I’m struggling to find a guide that references using the same variable multiple times but storing it somehow.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dave,

To achieve that you could use the ‘onStateChange’ handler of a DP to repeatedly parse a global variable holding the whole list of names.

Here is an example:
cumulative_variable_content_pdc.rp (63.2 KB)

You can enter a name at a time or even multiple names like Dupont, Durand, Martin, John.
The ‘name’ field is split on ‘,’ (comma) and trimmed.

Hope this helps!

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