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I’m very new to Axure. There’s a specific feature I’m trying to implement in a prototype where a user performs a dynamic search and their search term is bolded in the results.

I got the search set up but have hit a roadblock applying text styling. I searched the documentation and forum for others experience with this, but I’m still stuck. RP documentation mentions rich text and I saw it present in this RP 9 UI

However, it seems to be missing in mine

As I workaround I thought I could still use Set Text and in the fx box use Javascript to define the styling. I used a code snippet I found by user nkrisc

Instead of styling the text bold, it simply replaced the matching search terms with tags.

I’m sure there’s a way to do it, but my inexperience with Axure and unfamiliarity with Javascript is proving a challenge.

Here’s my file Entire Page Redesign.rp (199.7 KB)


There is no separate ‘Set Rich Text’ action. You use the Set Text option, then change the ‘Set to’ dropdown to Rich Text, which will bring up the editor in your first screenshot.


Thank you for your reply! I don’t see Rich Text in the topline dropdown. I went through each option to see what options are enabled on each in case it was in those but still don’t see it. It could be somewhere else or removed in RP 10? Maybe I could try opening this file RP 9 to access this feature as the quickest workaround


I thought to use Dynamic Panel with different styling in each state but stumbled upon this post and will be trying to adapt mbc66’s approach, will report back


Closing the loop on this… James on the support team helped me. Turns out rich text IS available but I mistakenly used an Input Field in that repeater column which doesn’t support Rich Text. After some refinement this is the finished product if anyone finds this later and wants to accomplish a similar result.
Entire Page Redesign.rp (200.7 KB)


Thanks for updating!

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