Right-click functions within the sitemap panel

Hi, I cannot seem to get a menu to pop up when I right-click. Did this functionality go away? I need to duplicate some pages and the ability to do this used to be available via right-clicking.


Yes, you can right-click pages and widgets in the sitemap in RP9. I would suggest closing Axure and your web browser, then relaunch Axure. If that doesn’t work, restart your computer and launch Axure. You can always get support directly from Axure by emailing support@axure.com .

Yep, as @mbc66 said the ability to right-click in the Pages pane in RP9 is still there. That said, if you happen to be working on a Mac with multiple displays, happen to be using macOS 10.13 or higher, and happen to have “Displays have Separate Spaces” enabled in “System Preferences > Mission Control” then there’s a known issue where right-clicking in any panes that are popped out onto a separate display than the Axure RP main UI will not allow right-click context menus to show. Currently the workaround for that (if that’s indeed what you’re running into) would be to disable that “Displays have Separate Spaces” option in Mission Control. If that’s not it feel free to email us so that we can assist!