RP 10 not allowing cmd to multi select widgets on mac

I just updated to RP 10 and am noticing that my ability to hold the CMD button on my mac and select multiple widgets no longer works. Anyone else having this or know how to fix it? I’m on version

I’m hoping this is an easy fix i’m just not aware of…as not being able to do this is increasing my work time and frustration with editing prototypes.

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If anyone is looking for a solution to this, i literally just stumbled on it…it’s not documented anywhere on official docs that i can find. BUT, CMD and SHIFT will allow you to select multiple widgets at once. At least on a mac.

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Just shift looks like it works as well

Actually, it’s now changed. You multi-select using shift now. If you hold Cmd, you can directly select a widget that is inside a group. To multi-select widgets in groups, you hold Cmd and Shift…