RP 9 breaks every single RP8 file I open. What am I doing wrong

I have a prototype started in RP 8 using many complex interactions. I have a a lot of complex widgets created in rp8 with repeaters , sticky, multi layer flyouts etc. All work well in rp8.
Opening the file in rp9 everything looks fine but in the browser everything is visually all over the place and interactions often don’t work. Whats up? Every rp8 file i open in Rp9 has similar issues.

Do we need to recreate our libraries in rp9?
What am I doing wrong.?

Hmm you shouldn’t need to recreate the files in RP 9 to get them to work. That said, is there any specific type of setup that you’re seeing is working in RP 8 but failing to render/work correctly in RP 9? It’s certainly possible that there’s an unexpected bug going on. If you’re able to post any of your files or share them privately to support@axure.com with more information about where specifically you’re seeing the problem then we can take a closer look.