RP-9 Dynamic Panels position in Master Views does not match when I preview

Hi Team,

I created a master with dynamic panels. When I placed dynamic panels in different (x,y) position in different views with the master. When I preview, these panels don’t appear as placed.

Please refer the file attached Dynamic_Panel_in_Master.rp (82.7 KB)

Hi savio.braganza,

Apologies for the delayed response!

I was able to reproduce the same issue, and it looks like there is something funky happening with dynamic panels in master views. The problem is reproducible if you convert a widget into a DP, convert that into a master, create a new master view with the DP in a separate placement, and then preview a page with the master both in its Base and the new view. You’ll see that the Base view renders for both, and is fixed when breaking away the DP container.

I’ve filed this as a bug with our QA team, but in the meantime, it’ll help to avoid using dynamic panels in master views (you can remove the dynamic panel container by right-clicking on the DP and selecting “Break Away First State”).