RP 9 Licenses + Backwards compatibility

Hey there,

Apologies if this is said anywhere else, but I have a query re: RP 9’s license and compatibility.

Currently, I can use RP 9 Beta with my existing personal and work licenses.

Once 9 exits Beta - will this still be the case?

Will we lose access to the full RP 9 app, but still be able to open and use the RP 9 Beta app?

Also, can files created in RP 9 be opened with RP 8?

I only ask because I’d like to use to RP 9 Beta to create quite an in-depth master prototype for an iOS and Android app.


Will :slight_smile:

Hi Will, We certainly appreciate that you want to put RP 9 through the paces! However, it sounds like this project might not be the right fit for a couple reasons. In answer to your questions:

  1. The beta comes with built-in expiration timing, so builds only last a certain amount of time before requiring an update/new build. You wouldn’t be able to work in the beta after the full RP 9 is released.

  2. There isn’t backward compatibility from RP 9 to 8. If this were to become possible, note that you would lose any of the new features from 9 (text styling on form fields, master overrides, etc) in an RP 8 version of the same file.

Thanks Rachel, makes a lot of sense.

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Hi Rachel!

Will I be able to open my Axure 9 beta files in in fully released Axure 9 ?
When is axure 9 is planned to be released?

Hello! We don’t have a projected release date yet, but expect the beta to last several more months. We won’t break your RP 9 beta files; anything you’ve created during the beta will work in the full RP 9 once live!