.RP file is 75MB and publishing ONE page to Axshare takes over 10 minutes

In an effort to speed things up, I tried to only publish 1 of my 30 pages - a very simple form with no images.

Why is it taking so long to publish to Axshare? It seems like it’s trying to upload the whole .RP file.

I desperately need a work around. Viewing in browser is not an option - I need to preview my project on my mobile device.

I believe because it does upload the entire file every time in order to regenerate the prototype on AxShare. I don’t think it can only upload the changed content and apply the changes on the server.

Depending on your network settings, if your mobile device is on the same networks as your computer, you could try replacing the local host address ( in your prototype link with your computer’s IP address on your LAN and view the prototype preview from your phone.

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