RP9 BUG - Checkbox padding issue

After the recent update(, padding for checkboxes got messed up and they are not being rendered as seen in the canvas. Please look at the example below.

Canvas view :

Browser view (chrome, safari, firefox):

File for inspection:
checkbox_padding_issue.rp (43.1 KB)

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Hi Praveen,

What an interesting discovery you made about the padding issue in Axure RP 9. Too bad, I am not able to fix it as the checkbox component is a template widget that comes from the box. I guess only Team-Axure engineer able to quash this bug.

There seems to be a scaling issue when the widget is rendered in a browser’s viewport. For instance, the padding input appears to have a ratio of 1:2; to achieve the alignment/ padding of 10px for the label to space apart from the checkbox, the interim workaround solution is to enter the value of 5 instead 10, as illustrated in the following figure.

It is silly as it seems to adopt such a workaround. I suggest to custom build the checkbox widget and curate it as part of your pattern library within the AxureRP environment than relies on the default template.

We certainly hope team Axure RP 9 can fix this bug asap.