RP9 Can't paste rows of text into repeater data

I’ve been testing RP9 and discovered that you can’t copy and paste multiple rows of text into a repeater data table, like you can with RP8? This will slow down the workflow for large data sets a lot!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open new page in RP9 and add a repeater.

  2. Create text file of large data set - e.g. long list of names.

  3. Copy list of names to clipboard.

  4. Switch to Axure and select repeater. First cell in data table is highlighted.

  5. Paste the names. The names are not pasted into the data table (as in RP8) but pasted on to the page as text? If you double-click a cell in the data table, all the names are pasted into a single cell, not into multiple rows as they are in RP8.

Creating a repeater with a large data set will take MUCH longer if you have to paste the data into every cell individually… :disappointed:

Screen grab:

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Hi mike1366,

Thanks for the repro steps and the screenshot. This is currently a known bug we have on file with the 9 beta where pasting into a repeater data cell does not work, and our teams are looking into the issue.

Let us know if you see anything else!

Meanwhile I found a way to import data from CSV to a repeater into AX9.
Well, it’s not very UX friendly but it works… :wink:

  • Create your repeater in a blank Ax8 file and import your data by copy/paste your CSV datas into the repeater table (as shown above)
  • Turn your repeater with his datas into a master (important)
  • Save your file in Ax8 then open it in Ax9 and save it again in Ax9
  • Open the Ax9 file where you want to use the repeater with your datas
  • Go to File/Import from RP file and import the page containing the master (which contains the repeater and the datas)
  • Drag the master into your Ax9 project
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Was this issue fixed?
I still can’t paste data into the repeater in Axure 9

Hi GadiF!

It looks like this issue should be fixed! Just to confirm, are you running the latest build for Axure RP 9? You can check for any updates by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates”. If you’re still seeing issues, please email our support team at support@axure.com. Thank you!

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your reply.
I am running the latest Axure RP 9.

I just checked again and was able to paste data into the Repeater Data Table.

Thanks again!

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