RP9 File Size Jumped to 470mb

Is anyone else experiencing issues with RP9 file size? I’ve just had a prototype jump to 470mb in size, which doesn’t currently include much logic, and is mostly vector based content/shapes/images.

Any help would be appreciated! Got some pretty tight deadlines already :scream:



To add some more information, looking back through backups in ‘Axure User-Data’ It’s jumping about 100mb every backup.

Hi Jase!

Hmm, it sounds like you’re running into a similar issue that the user over in this thread is. To help gather more info, was the affected file originally created in version 8 or version 9? Do you see that just saving the file or letting it autosave without adding any new content still increases the file sizes, or does it jump up by a large amount even if you were to add just a couple of widgets?

As far as the images in the file, are there a lot of these and about how large are they?

If you’re able to share your file via Dropbox to <support.axure.com> then we can take a look and advise via email. :slight_smile:

Hi @Alyssa_Axure & @Rachel (just bringing this back to one place),

Could you let me know your email addresses and I’ll get some details over to you ASAP. I have also sent some details and a link to Google Drive over to support@axure.com, but haven’t heard anything back - I can’t share the link here as it contains some sensitive stuff.

The jump in size was happening whilst adding new widgets, but like I mentioned, it’s a pretty basic prototype at the moment.

Would be super appreciative if someone could help me ASAP, I’ve got participants booked to come into our lab and test this!

Thanks so much.


In case anyone is keeping an eye on this thread, I wanted to update that we’ve connected privately with Jase. He now has a temporarily improved version of his file, and we are investigating now to try to find the underlying cause so that we can get this to stop happening to his file.

I too was having the same problems (it’s my thread that was linked above).

I ended up creating a new RP9 file and used the import function to bring over the pages I needed. It improved the file size a little bit but I still don’t know why Axure needs to upload such a large file to the cloud. The html files it needs to create a prototype online should be negligible - especially when the prototype is almost all vector shapes…

Updating this thread to advise that we think we will have a fix for this next week. If anyone else checking in on this thread has a file that seems to be in this state, we’d appreciate getting a copy of it so that we can test the fix against it! Thanks!

Hi @Rachel, just a quick update from me, your tempory fix is still holding out - I’ve not experienced any big jumps as of yet! Thanks again!

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Build is now available, and should clear this up for files that experienced this issue. If anyone else was following along looking for a solution here, please try updating to this build. Let us know if you’re still seeing this issue!