Same page but with updated view/data


I’m trying to find a way to upload data in a page.

This is part of my page, It’s a dynamic panel that allow me to navigate in the different section. I want the number to increase when adding an item in the selected section… (6 insteat of 5 in “all” for example)
How can I do that differently than by making a lot of state in the dynamic panel, and that if I reload the page, I still have the right count (6), and not the inital one (5) ?
It’s hard for me to explain, so I hope someone will understand what I want to make… (Do I need to make a repeater with some variable ? It’s really not clear for me…)

Thank you very much !


If you are using repeaters that get updated, maintaining their data on a page reload is extremely difficult…

Rather than having each tab lead to a different page, is it manageable to make each tab lead to a different state of a dynamic panel on a single page? This way you can avoid reloading the page.


Currently, I have a dynamic panel with a state for each tab. My problem is that I want the item (row) to be moved in it (“in progress” to “waiting for validation” to “completed” or “rejected”)
I’ve tried to create more states for it to simulate the change, but if I go to another page and come back, it’s in its initial state again.
You say its extremely difficult, so I can’t maintain the new data in a repeater if the page is reloaded ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

If the tabs are just “filters” on the same list of items, it might be a lot easier to do away with all the dynamic panels and use a single repeater. Have the different tabs filter the same list based on the status. Then all you would have to do is change the “status” value of a row and it would automatically “move” to the corresponding “tab”.

Yes, that what I was planning, but I’m not really familiar with repeater for now :frowning:
It’s possible to use the same repeater on different state of dynamic panel ?

Thank you

Hello again,

I succeeded to make different repeater, with the same database, and to apply filter to it (proud of me :D)

I just have a tiny problem. I want to have a row count of repeater in each state of the dynamic panel. I made it work for the first one (all), but I can’t made it for the second (completed). Is there a way to do it, or with the filter option, it dosen’t work the same way ? I want to have “3” beside the tab “completed” (like I have the “7” for “all”)

I tried to make it with the “itemLoaded” of the repeater in “completed”, but it’s not working…

Does somebody know if there is a solution (I’m sure there is :D) ?

Thank you very much !

Mockup-Help.rp (111.6 KB)

Edit: I found it ! I used the itemCounted, and it worked :smiley:

Awesome! Glad you were able to get everything working!

(Sorry for not responding sooner, was stuck in project hell…)