Save Page/Text box content to selection for later edits

I’m building a prototype in order to do UX testing for my senior project. In order to run my surveys properly I need it to function as true as possible. All works except for saving and editing the submitted information. When a user selects a date and adds an entry, I need that entry to save to that selected box (and leave an indicator that something is saved there) and then be editable with the edit button at the bottom of the app. I am a low intermediate user of axure and honestly have no idea where to even start. My file is attached. Thanks in advance.

Senior Project Prototype 1.rp (499.0 KB)

You could do this by making your calendar view out of a repeater, then using Update Rows to save the data into the Repeater. The flow would look something like:

  • Mark the row (square) in your calendar repeater
  • Ask the user for their inputs
  • When they click save, update the marked row
  • Unmark all rows

However, since your prototype is currently composed of multiple pages, marked status will get lost when you go to a new page. So I think you’d need to store the row identifier (the date?) in a global variable, then when you hit save, go to the calendar view, mark the row that matches the date, update as above, then unmark everything.

If you’re new to repeaters, this tutorial about transferring information from one repeater to another will give you a lot of useful information. And this is a good overall introduction.