Save State -Help!


I’m trying to create a prototype that allows you to find your friends in a festival.

The problem is, we assume that the friends that go with you to the festival are already connected, but you can find new friends and connect with them, meaning adding new friends.
New friends that have to appear in the same map that the others were.

We want to save the state, but we don’t use dynamic panels. We were trying to arrange a solution by creating different links with different options, but clearly that’s not a good idea, it doesn’t work. You should be able to add as much friends as you want.

I’m going leave my project for you to try to understand what I was trying to do!

Can someone help me? Please!

help.rp (974.0 KB)

Hi @mar_m98,

What state do you actually want to save?


Hi @PierreJ,

I have two functionalities. But when I change of functionality it doesn’t save the friends that we added.

I don’t really understand your project but I would try using a repeater and then filter hide and show friends.

Same here.
When I tried your prototype it didn’t add a friend but stop on “Adicionar Amigo M” page.

How do you wanted to signal to your user that you have added a friend?
Without this information, it really is not easy to help you save this indication :thinking: