Scaling a group bug / Axure RP 8

I’m creating a simple click animation and it looks like I found a bug.
“On Click” I’m scaling down the group of shapes and than scaling it up again.
The first scaling animation works as it should be, but the second one scales only one shape and breaks the action. Are you aware of this feature/bug?

Group Scaling BUG.rp (50.3 KB)

Thank you for your help.

Not really a bug, but more of a timing issue. Essentially, you are trying to do too many things at once and not allowing enough time for your animations.

Your onClick code has:

…and you have four ellipses in your Circle Group, each of which is scaled with ease-in-out animation at 300 ms, then immediately scaled again with a 300ms animation. My guess is that some of the ellipsis widgets are being scaled down after the command to scale them back to original size. This is because the second scale (to 74x74) command gets issued immediately (within a few ms) after the first command–it does not wait for the 300ms animation.

See this RP file:
Group Scaling FIXED.rp (86.0 KB)

On page Home (1) I added a 350ms delay between the scaling animations, and it seems to work pretty well.

I also removed the ease-in-out animation, setting it to None, with a 100ms delay, and all the ellipses get properly scaled down and up.

On Home (2) I separated the “scale down” to an onMouseDown event and the “scale up” to onMouseUp event, and that works well, unless you click and release quickly, whereupon some of the ellipses don’t scale up. Adding a delay to the onMouseUp event fixes this but makes the interaction seem a little slow on a “slow click”.

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Wow! Thank you @mbc66 so much for your help! It’s a great solution. :heart_eyes: