Scaling changes the height of content

Hi there, I have the following setup:

  1. One Group with page content (height 10000px)
  2. Another Group as a modal layer (height 600px)

I want the following:

  1. I click on element in Group One -> Group One gets hidden and the modal layer Group is shown.
    Also you should only be able to scroll the amount of height of the modal layer group …

Now everything is working fine BUT we want to share the prototype with &sc=1 ending to scale to width…but then I cant get it to work with that limited scrolling height/depth. For some reason there is another element shown when I load the prototype with the ending that has the exact same height for the inline scroll container that the hidden Group One has. That results in a scroll behaviour that gets way longer than my modal window is…

I tried to do everything with setting the size to the window height on different trigger but nothing is working when using the &sc=1 …

It sounds like using a dynamic panel instead of groups might be the way to go: Dynamic_Sizing.rp (68.1 KB)

The first state would be your full length content and the second would be your modal screen. Set the panel to “100% Wide” and “Fit to Content” and the page’s scrollbars with change with the panel size.

Hi @huban, thanks for the reply.
No, its a thing that only happens on iOS devices when using scale to width.

Heres a dirty example of that behaviour:

On an iPhone after the panel sets its state to the modal you can still scroll quite a lot…that is so strange. (@mbc66)


That’s weird.

Sorry I wasn’t much help…and, I guess, still won’t be. :sweat_smile:
Not much I can do about that.

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