Scaling issue in Axure 9 prototype link

My adaptive prototypes mostly work when viewed on a laptop, but try to view them with an ordinary browser on a mobile device and they mostly look like tiny desktops. It seems like what I used to see on previous versions when I forgot to use the viewport tag, but that checkbox no longer appears in the publish settings. This tiny desktop view on my mobile is not able to zoom also. Do you have any solutions? Thanks.


Hi Arun!

Are you using any adaptive views for your prototype, or a single view? If your prototype page has desktop dimensions, the page will display at its 100% scaling on both desktop and mobile devices. However, you can triple-tap the project on a mobile device to open the Project Options menu. Selecting “Scale to fit width” or “Fit all to screen” should resize the contents to display on your mobile device without adding adaptive views.

Let me know if you run into any issues!


Thanks for your reply. I have created the prototype in Axure 9 as a single view (1920 px width). It displays 100% scaling in desktop and mobile devices. And i am not able to zoom in mobile device. But this zoom functionality is working if i am creating in Axure 8.
Can you provide an answer? Thanks.