Scaling issue on Samsung Tab A 10.1

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I have a prototype of an application that should be run on a 10.1" Tablet. The prototype is designed with an adaptive view of Landscape Tablet (1200 x 800 and below). and when I generate the html and publish it to Axure Share app I use the viewport option with the same values (1200 x 800) without initial scale.

Now I run the project on the Tablet (Samsung Tab A) and the project fits to the screen by width but not by height. Its height is larger than the height of the Tablet’s screen by few pixels, so I need to scroll down in order to view the rest of the page. The goal is to have the pages exactly fit with the screen and no need to scroll down or up. Am I missing something in the setting here?

I have a usability test of this project on Tuesday the 27.02 and I would like to solve this problem as soon as possible, can you help me? :slight_smile:

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I usually do not make use of adaptive views, If I am sure that my prototype app is going to be tested on mobile device then I just develop as a Mobile or Tablet app with pre-defined screen size.

iOS is pretty standard as the device sizes are not much, but for Android you may just go with the popular device size. This is what you need to be discussing with your clients and documents in your test environments as deliverable moving forward following user testing.

If user need another size you can always duplicate the project change side and send each different URL’s if managed well it will not take you much time.

Granted user will always have standard device most time and because it’s a prototype you really do not want to give the user the impression that the prototype is complete because when you move unto production development alot of things might change.

However if you are targeting Tablet (Samsung Tab A)

Please refer to this website link as I use it in selecting my device size for my prototypes

Note: You will need to use the CSS size

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Thanks a lot for your detailed response :slight_smile:

I did change the size of my design in order to solve the problem. The odd thing was that I needed to go down to 725 px by the height in order to fit to the screen size of the tablet although its height should be 800 px. Anyway it worked this way!