Scaling of an Inline Frame Contents

Hello, everyone, and I hope you may help…
I might’ve missed such a topic and created a duplicate, but nevertheless.
I need to make it possible to scale an inline frame content (360 x 590 on load size) up to 3.5 times bigger in the similar way the user can in Google Chrome mobile browser for non-adaptive web-pages (like swiping 2 fingers simultaneously from and to each other). Is it possible to do that using only Axure functionality or no? I would appreciate any examples attached, if possible.

Thank you for any future help, assistance and guidance.

Hi everyone!

AV_1989 also emailed as at the support desk and I wanted to include a few notes from our chat. Although Axure RP 8 includes the Set Size action which allows you to dynamically resize an inline frame (and other widgets), the tool currently does not have multi-touch gesture interactions/events (e.g. pinch to zoom, or two-finger swipes). Some users have gotten a step closer to simulating that kind of effect:

But I’ve gone ahead and submitted a feature request for multi-touch gestures so we can evaluate. Thnx!

Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I hope the multi-touch gesture feature will be approved shortly as there is already a great need in it.