Scroll 2 dynamic panels simultaneously


Hello! I need help finding the way to scroll two dynamic panels at the same time, like mirroring each other.
I have two scrollable areas where users will have to compare and find the difference between them so it is difficult to have it with separate scrolls… Anyone has any idea how to solve this with Axure8 ? Thanks!!

**I know there is an answer for this here already but the example is in AXURE9 and I am not able to see it.


Any reason they have to be in separate panels? If you put all the content in the same scrollable panel it’s going to be a lot easier.


yes I tried that, but I loose the scrollbar of one, so when you scroll you see it in one box only. So if you start scrolling the left box you will see the scrolling bar on the right one only and looks odd. If there is no other option I might follow this road for sure. Thanks!


You could make a fake scrollbar. Probably simpler than trying to get two panels to scroll simultaneously both ways. It’s what I’d do, anyway.

The height of the scrollbar is:

(panel.height / panelContent.height) * panel.height

The y-position of the scrollbar is:

panel.y + (panel.scrollY / (panelContent.height - panel.height)) * (panel.height - scrollbar.height)


Thanks for the response! I don´t understand how to do what you suggest but I will chose the option where you just have 1 scrolling and explain the other one is missing jajaja thanks!!