Scroll back to top of the page when navigating to different dynamic panels

I have a page set up with a header and tabs for navigation. Each tab content is set as dynamic panels. When I navigate to another tab in the navigation, the content opens from the last position within the dynamic panel instead of scrolling back to the top.

How can I achieve that?

Hi sonaliagrawal,

Is the issue that the dynamic panel state opens from the y position it was in in the previous state, or that you would like this to happen? If the latter, you can use the “Scroll to Widget” interaction to scroll to a specific widget in the dynamic panel state, and I’ve attached a sample file of this below.

If the former, this shouldn’t happen by default. Could you post your .rp file so that I could take a closer look?

ScrollTo.rp (54.3 KB)

@Jane_Axure …It didn’t work automatically…but creating and placing a hotspot (called top of page) and applying “scroll to widget” helped! Thank you so much!