Scroll to move on top issue in dynamic panel

I have issue with scroll to move on top. When I click on move to top button, then click event not firing.

Expected behavior.

  1. Search section, table filter field and pagination are fixed on screen, It can be scroll vertically not in horizontally.
  2. Only table can scroll horizontally.
  3. When search section hidden from browser window, then “move on top” button should appear on the screen and click on “move on top” button to scroll on top of the screen.

How it is working now…

  1. Not able to hide and show move to top button
  2. click event not firing in move to top button.
    ScrollTop.rp (83.3 KB)

Could anyone please look into this.

Hi @Love-axure,

2.=> your Dynamic panel “Container” were above the “Move to top” button:

Just move this button on the dynamic panel

1.=> use a condition OnWindowsScroll to show the button if the scroll is more than a certain value.
Here the height of the “Search section” rectangle:

ScrollTop_edited.rp (84.7 KB)


Thanks PierreJ,

I have downloaded your code but it’s not working as per my expectation.
It’s fine no problem. I tried it and finally found the solution. I have replicated table header, top button and positioned on top of the screen which I make it as dynamic panel. Using onScrolldown and onScrollup function to show/hide the table header. All is working fine.:slight_smile:

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