Scroll To Widget going pass widget

I have a DP with content that I want to scroll to the middle of the content on click, so that the user can scroll left and right. It’s sort of working, but the scroll is going all the way to the end of the content and not to where the widget is. Any ideas? My file is attached ScrollTo.rp (52.6 KB)

Hi jpumpr,

Thanks for attaching that .rp file! I ran some tests here on my end and I found that this is due to a bug in the Axure RP 9 beta. More specifically, if you’re using the “Scroll to Widget (Anchor Link)” option to target a widget that is in a dynamic panel and the action is scrolling horizontally, the prototype will scroll to the max horizontal value (scroll all the way to the right past the targeted widget). That said, I’ve gone ahead and filed a report with our QA team to get this fixed up.

Great, thanks. I appreciate you looking into this.