Scroll to Widget Interfere with Button that launch dynamic panel

I just found the Scroll to Widget function. when I added it to my prototype, it scrolls to the widget when the page load but it does not allow me to scroll up to see the whole page and it also interferes with the button that launch the dynamic panel. Now when I press the button, it does nothing.

Can you use Scroll to Widget on page load along with dynamic panel or what could have caused the top of the page disappear?

Hi songmei,

Hmm, I’m not sure I’m following. Could you clarify what you mean when you say you aren’t able to launch the dynamic panel? Do you mean show the dynamic panel, or set its panel state? I just tested adding a Scroll to Widget interaction to the OnPageLoad that scrolled to a button that showed a dynamic panel, and this worked on my end. Is that different from your setup? Could you post your .rp file for me to test?

Hi, Jane:
I just tested. It looks that the scroll to widget works fine on the desktop browser but did not work on the mobile phone.

Yesterday and earlier today when I tested on the mobile, the page will scroll the anchored widget when loading but it will not allow me to scroll up and the button that launched the dynamic panel does nothing.

I just tested, the page will not scroll to the anchored widget when loading and I can launch the dynamic panel. it acts as if I did not set up the scroll to widget.

I also find that in my earlier test on the iPhone, that the pin to browser function for the dynamic panel seems to interfere with the scroll to anchor when loading page. I can have one or another but not both.

In addition, how is the pin to browser supposed to work? I assume that it will pin to the currently viewing window but it does not seem to work on my iPhone when I scroll to the page to the button and launch the dynamic panel from that location because the dynamic panel seems to go to the top of the page outside of the viewing window even though I set it to pin to the middle.

Hi songmei,

Gotcha. There are currently two bugs we have on file for the 9 beta:

  1. Scroll To and OnWindowScroll interactions do not register on iOS devices

  2. Dynamic panels do not stay pinned on iOS devices

Unfortunately, neither of those have a great workaround for now, except to view the prototype on an Android device or use Axure RP 8 to build your prototype, but hopefully these help a bit.