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I just noticed a bug apparently and wanted to report it.

Here’s what the bug is about:
I created 2 dynamic panels and both panels have scrolling enabled. One panel is hidden by default and it’s shown when a button is clicked. The problem is, when the hidden panel is shown, a scrollbar appears and doesn’t disappear, as shown in the image below.

Can you confirm whether this is a bug?

Here’s the project link:

Note: This happens on Windows. There seems to be no problem on Mac.

Could you please post your .rp file? Hard to say what might be causing this effect without examining your code, but I’d guess it might be due to changing the size of the dynamic panel, or size of content in one state vs another… or maybe you are hiding/showing widgets based on the selected tab? No clue why different Windows vs Mac, but it could be due to different browsers as well.

I recreated your prototype as best I could, and this bug does not appear. Try this:

Carousel scrollbar issue.rp (576.3 KB)

Hi mbc66,

Thanks for your detailed analysis. Yes, I’m hiding/showing the widgets. Even so, that shouldn’t be happening unless it’s a bug, right?

Here’s the project:
Scrollbar Bug.rp (1.8 MB)

Yes, looks like a bug. I’ll submit this as a defect to . (Pinging @Chelsea_Axure to see if support can chime in here, but official means is sending an email or using Help > Submit Feedback or Bug.)

I would not expect hiding and showing a dynamic panel when using the mobile previewer would show a standard “non-mobile-preview” scrollbar style.

Given this is the case however, I recommend you use the approach on Page 2. Changing dynamic panel states is a more reliable way to implement a tabbed structure. I also simplified the code for the tabs by assigning them a Selection Group so that only one may be selected at a time.

To demonstrate the issue clearly, I added a Show/Hide button to Page 2. When a scrollable dynamic panel is hidden then shown in a mobile preview (page dimensions assigned) the standard scrollbar is used instead of the “mobile preview scrollbar” style.

To show how dynamic panel scrollbars look in a standard web page view (no page dimensions assigned) I added a Page 3.

Scrollbar Bug.rp (5.4 MB)

Hi mbc66,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply.
Page 2 is really a lot better solution. It always makes me excited to see how you can execute something on Axure through different paths. I’ll use that approach from now on. :blush:

Hi mbc66 and Brick,

We’ve received mbc66’s email regarding this issue, and we’ve been able to reproduce this scrollbar behavior on our end as well.

It looks like when a dynamic panel is initially loaded onto a page that uses mobile dimensions, the dynamic panel displays mobile scrollbars, but if the dynamic panel changes its visibility, or is not shown on the page when the page loads, it displays more default desktop-style scrollbars.

This is unexpected behavior, so I’ve filed a bug report regarding this for our teams to review as well.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

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