Scrollbars don't work/show when content starts at -y

I have some content that is cutoff in a dynamic panel that I want to scroll up to see rather than scroll down. However, the scrollbars don’t display unless the content goes off the bottom of the dynamic panel, not the top. Does anybody know how to rectify this?

This is when scrollbars don’t show/work

This is when scrollbars do show/work

I think panels will cut everything off in -y and -x directions. The way to make this work would be to leave everything like you have in the lower picture, but then add an OnLoad action that scrolls the panel to where you want it to start.

Thanks for the reply. That sort of worked, but it only moves the content. You still can’t scroll back up. This seems to be a pretty decent issue with dynamic panels

Did you enable scrollbars on the dynamic panel? Because I know in the past I’ve done what you’re trying to do and it worked using the workaround I mentioned. You could also try emailing your file to Axure support if you’re having an issue specific to your set up.


This is the solution that nkrisc is refering to:

dp_start_scrolled.rp (53.6 KB)

Yep. Definitely enabled. I can even see them when the panel loads and auto-scrolls, but then they disappear