Scrolling and dragging in repeater on mobile device

Hi guys,

I’m having two scrollable lists side by side.
Items can be dragged and dropped between those lists.
–> dp (for dragging) in repeater and repeater in dp (for scrolling)
Scrolling and dragging are working fine with a mouse controlled device.
On mobile this doesn’t work. I think this is because dragging is always detected and scrolling never triggered.

Do you have any advice how to handle it?

In my opinion best way would be to delay dragging with a long press functionality and then deactivate the scrolling functionality. Is this possible to create in Axure?
As my first test show, implementing long press deactivates the possibility of scrolling on items.

to make it more clear what I mean.
This prototype works good in a desktop browser. On mobile scrolling doesn’t work. Dragging is always fired but even doesn’t work properly (but that’s a second issue I don’t know how to solve)

I found out, on mobile the events may collide especially with drag events as I used.
I created several small tests on that and it is even not possible to handle MouseButtonDown Event on mobile. If this would be possible I would change from drag events to mouse down and make the handling of movement by myself.

Any idea how to make mousedown event running on mobile together with scrolling a list?

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