Scrolling Bar button

Hi Guys -

Here’s a simple scrolling bar. You will notice the first and the last are red. I have two challenges right now. Here’s the file attached at the end.

First question :

If you click on the “Next Arrow” to move the bar on the right, obviously the last “First Red” disappear. Although if we click on “Back Arrow” to see the “First” Red again, the “Back Arrow” button is still there obviously, instead of having it disappear. As for the “Last” Red, same, if there is no more square color to advance, the “Next Arrow” button should also disappear. What would be the way to fix this please?

Second questions:
What about if we wanted to always continue the scrolling? Meaning after the “Last” Red, we could continue to the right by having back the “First” Red. Any way as well we could do this?

Thanks, I’m getting better every day with Axure, although still have a lot to learn :slight_smile:
Bar_Scroll.rp (78.5 KB)

Maybe something like this?

Bar_Scroll.rp (128.1 KB)

I put ALL options in a Dynamic Panel then put THAT into a Repeater and called each state OnItemLoad.

Hello! :slight_smile:
The demonstration and explication is awesome Jhelmers! and simple to understand! Although I couldn’t have done it… :frowning: Thank you very much!!

And just by curiosity, on the second question, would it have been posible to have it to continually looping from left or right without having to add more rows??

Maybe something like this?

Bar_Scroll.rp (123.6 KB)

When the next/previous arrows cycle through to Next or Previous of the dynamic panel, simply check the box that says “Warp from last to first”. That cycles through.

Gracias Fu Master :wink:
Cheers! Luc.