Scrolling with a negative starting position

Hi, i seem to have trouble with the following:

I want a horizontal scrolling menu in my prototype. This seems to be working well when the starting position of the scrollable dynamic panel is 0. In this case everything that ‘falls off’ the scrollable area on the right side can be viewed with scrolling. But when the starting position is bigger than zero, everything that ‘falls off’ on the left side of the scrollable area is lost and not scrollable.

Attached is my prototype for clearity. horizontal scroll.rp (67.9 KB)
Demo here:

I’m not sure what the exact use case is here, but if you need it to default to the right side of the content you can do something like this:

  1. Put your content at 0.
  2. Add a hotspot to the right side of the content (I used a 1 px wide hotspot)
  3. onLoad of the dynamic panel (or on page load or some similar event) scroll to the hotspot widget.

Result - dynamic panel loads to right but the user can scroll back. Have a look at the attached and feel free to respond if this doesn’t meet your use case.

horizontal scroll.rp (66.8 KB)

This works very well, thank you!

it still feels like a workaround but it gets the job done :slight_smile:

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