Search and delete a row in a repeater

I am wondering is there a way to search through a repeater rows for a specific word and then automatically delete the row that contains that word?
I tried something with filters, but didn’t seem to work.

I just discovered how could be done. In case another newbie like me is wondering, here is my solution:

  1. store the search word in a variable (e.g. SearchWord)
  2. then choose Delete Rows action
  3. choose the repeater you want to search through
  4. tick the Rule radio button at the bottom
  5. and paste this in the Rule text box:
    where Categories is the name of the repeater’s column you are going to search through and SearchWord is … the search word :slight_smile:
    Very easy and basic, but I took wrong directions :slight_smile:

I think I made it easier. No Global Variables. No complex rules for deletion.

The actual text comparison occurs on the square shape in the repeater. I setup the action on it’s OnMove. It asks if the repeater’s column0 matches the Textbox then MARKS that row… else UNMARK row… it also sets it as Selected… just for show.

The Textbox fires the square’s OnMove action on OnTextChange which gets everything going.

At this point, all the delete button has to do is delete Marked Rows.

Long story short: it’s better to MARK the rows first then delete MARKED rows.

tableSearchAndDestroy.rp (57.8 KB)