Search field - simulating a search


I am trying to simulate a search so that what a user has entered on one page, shows as the result on another page. Usually I just used ‘set text on search box equals to this’ but I’m not sure how to link that to a different page in the prototype?

In the prototype, I want whatever text the user has entered in the course search field to show on page 2 in the search field.

Also, is it possible to have the content on the page itself dynamic so that for example, the title text changes depending on what the user has entered in the search field?

Please excuse my lack of knowledge, still learning!

Thankssearch.rp (75.9 KB)

Just as you described problem, it’s almost definition of what Global variable does :wink:
See attached updated rp for more.search2.rp (84.4 KB)

Thank you! I’ve tried to replicate this in my project but it’s not working - when I click on search what I typed into the course field isn’t showing in the result page search field

Uni TT tabs testing search.rp (9.9 MB)

Also, I have set the prototype to match device-width but it isn’t sizing down for smaller devices. Can you see why this might be?

Just set OnLoad on same field like on previous one I sent and it should work. Only small issue you have to set it inside cause dynamic panel you are using there.