Search within filtered subset

Is there a way to limit a predictive text search to a subset of repeater rows? I am applying filters to a repeater and want the predictive text search to only return hits within the filtered subset.

The most efficient way of doing this is going to depend a little on how that subset is determined… is it based on user input, or do you know it when you define the dataset for the property?

One way you can do this, is to apply a filter to the repeater and then apply another filter with the “Clear other filters” box unchecked. That will filter the results keeping the existing filter in place.

Or, if it’s something you can define in the dataset, you can use the logical operators to check for more than one condition. See the attached .rp example for a sample of how you might do this. It’s a super simple dataset with a value and a defined filter type (numeric, animal, or both). I added some text boxes that allow you to search specifically for an animal, numeric, or both. It using a simple string evaluation to look for the text and then also evaluates the filter type value to determine if the value should be displayed. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for or not.

Complex Filter Sample.rp (58.8 KB)

If you can give more specifics or an example RP file would be happy to be more specific :slight_smile: