Select only a single repeater item in a list

I have a repeater item that I converted to a dynamic panel w/ custom data and inserted that into a page. I have ~10 items and I only want to be able to select one at a time. Currently, I can click and the styles stay applied and I have to click on that item again to reverse the state.

My repeater item has a selection group applied but I just cannot figure out how to only apply the selected styles to the one item that is clicked, deselecting any others previously.

Can anyone help me?

Sounds like you are trying to select a widget in a repeater from within that repeater and you want to automatically unselect other rows (or widgets in other rows). Try unchecking the “Isolate Selection Groups” checkbox in the Repeater Properties:

It appears I have it set up correctly but I am still not getting the desired result(s). Please see the attachment below.

Additionally, if I preview just the repeater item I get the ideal functionality, however, the styles are incorrect =( When viewing the full UI list, the correct styles apply (hover & selected) but I can select multiple list items and I need just one list item selected at a time.


Could you post your .rp file? Hard to understand what is really going on with your prototype…

Thanks so much for your help. I seem to have figured out the issue =)

I was applying all the settings to a ‘Master’ list item. Instead, I needed to double click and open the repeater item that way. I didn’t realize those changes wouldn’t convert (essentially, I was using it like a symbol in sketch.)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your quick and speedy reply <3

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