Select, Save and Add Multiple Rows as a Preset

Hey all. Here is the goal:

  • Allow a customer to add rows that contain droplists and choose various options.
  • Select multiple (random) rows and save them to a preset name
  • Add (or re-add) the rows that were saved

The original idea, which was working in part, was to use global variables to store the data. However, without the ability to create global variables on the fly, there’s no way to know which row(s) are selected and marked and assign them to different/appropriate GV’s.

I am creating unique row ID’s already, so I’d need to store and recall the data from any of the rows that were selected and saved as a preset.

Here’s a workflow:

  • Ten repeater rows exist
  • Three random rows are selected
  • “Save as Preset” action happens
  • “Add rows via preset name” action happens

Result is now 13 rows, with 3 sets of duplicates

Anyway, all help is appreciated.



I’ve had some success storing bits of information in a single global variable using a CSV structure. Simply concatenate the new values into a single, comma separated string, then parse the datum accordingly.

Haha this doesn’t directly solve your problem but I think it could help. This way, you could have a single Global Variable called something like RowsGV that stores 3 random rows

That sounds great…though I can’t picture it how it would work.

Is it possible to post something that shows adding to AND extracting the data?