Select Text from Drop Down and Output to Text Field

Hello -

Looking for some guidance on how to do the following:

  1. Use a drop-down list with several items
  2. Select as many items as you want
  3. Output those selected items to a text field

So in other words, if the user selects 4 items, click submit, those 4 items will display in a text box.

Thank you for any help!

Hi @dcwebcat,
as far as I understand your issue you can’t archive this with a default droplist in the axure library. But you can build a custom droplist where you can select multiple options without hiding the droplist. Next: set a global variable where you save the selected option(s) and output this variable on your desired textbox.
I’ve tried to rebuild this case in the attached RP-file as a reference.

multiselect-droplist.rp (130.0 KB)

Thank you so much Dan. This is very close to what I am trying to do. I want to select as many items as-needed from the droplist (which you have done) but when I click SUBMIT, I would like for the items that I selected to display in it’s own box (not the droplist field at the top). Also, once I hit SUBMIT, I would like for the drop down list to hide again.

I am trying now to work it out but still trying to figure it out. The goal is that a physician can select medical codes to display in the portal within it’s designated space.

Thanks again.

Hi dcwebcat,

Going off dan.adam’s example file, specifically the “Droplist Multi-Select (repeater)” page, all you need to do is move the OnClick target of the “Set text” interaction from the text field at the top to a text field or text area widget on the page. I’ve edited the file to demonstrate this.

Second, I’m seeing that clicking SUBMIT hides the droplist. Is this not working for you?

multiselect-droplist_EDIT.rp (128.6 KB)