Selected item name not shown in the style tab

The design pattern of v8, where the name of the selected item is displayed above it related tabs, is the better approach to this. Particularly when you consider that you can click repeatedly to select items that are on top of one another. In that case, seeing the name change is the fastest way to know that you have the intended object selected. With the changes in v9 I would have to switch to the interaction tab, click through to the intended object, then switch back to the style tab.

Considering the hierarchy, the way this is arranged in v8 accurately represents the relationship between the object that the tabs. The tabs show info about the selected object, and therefor should be under the name of the object, instead of simply containing the name of the object.


I agree with this as well. It creates an extra click when I’m trying to find the name of the widget if I’m not on the interactions tab.

Please add the Widget name in Style tab as well…

I agree with this comment. Good designers name everything. Don’t make us use an extra click just to see it.