Selecting an object in Outline causes it to jump to selection?

Depending on where I currently am in the Outline, selecting an object causes the Outline to jump around and collapse other items in the Outline. This can make it very difficult to keep track of what’s going on / where I am in the Outline, and sometimes it causes objects to be moved around if I click and hold for even a microsecond longer than a regular click, which is common if I’m using the trackpad (it essentially thinks I’m trying to click and drag an object, so it brings the object to wherever the Outline has jumped to).

Is this a bug or is it working as intended? If it’s intended, is there a way to turn this off? I would rather the Outline function like layers in PS for example, only moving around if I manually scroll myself.

I’m working on a 13" Macbook Pro with the most recent version of Axure 9.

Thank you!

I saw this same behaviour a couple of weeks back, but then couldn’t replicate it. Maybe it’s something to do with trackpads? I use a Magic Trackpad.

For what it’s worth, shutting down and restarting Axure solved the issue for me and it hasn’t reoccurred.

I think you’re right on it being related to the trackpad. I also restarted my system and haven’t gotten the bug again yet - at least we have that as an option for now!

I’ll try to recreate it / take notes if it happens again.