Selecting from a list of checkboxes and navigating to corresponding page

I’m creating a form and one of the sections has a list of checkboxes, I would like to be able to select one of the checkbox’s and when I click on the continue button the customer will navigate to the corresponding page. In the example it’s page 1,2,3.

I need this to be seamless for customer testing so they don’t have to choose which case when clicking on continue.

I have added in a condition which works for the first page but stuck so far for the other pages.

Thanks in advance
checkbox_select.rp (106.7 KB)

Here you go… checkbox_select1.rp (127.1 KB)

There are many ways to do this but here is one method…

  • To make the radio button work, stack selected & unselected states. So, on click, the selected state is activated(opacity 0) which reveals the radio button with tick icon below. Alternatively, you can use dynamic panel with 2 states and toggle them.

  • To avoid multiple selection for the radio buttons, add all three radio buttons to a selection group.

  • Now, for continue button, add a condition for onClick event to say if the selected state of radio button 1 is true, take me to Page 1. Repeat that for all the three radio buttons.

@praveen.naga That’s perfect, thank you so much!

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