Selecting item from repeater filters data in another repeater


I have a question regarding the repeater widget.
I have a page where I have two repeaters, represented like a “data grid” (horizontal).
The two repeaters act like they are a sort of “master - detail”. So selecting an item in repeater one changes (filters?) the items in repeater two. The two repeaters have data that can make this possible (like an ID and a foreign key in databases)
I have it figured out so that selecting one item in repeater one sets the correct ID in a global variable. But i cannot seem to figure out how to filter the results in the second repeater…

I’ve tried filtering the second repeater in the onclick event where I select the item in the first repeater or launching the onload event on the second repeater from within this same
“onclick” event…nothing seem to work.

I cannot share the rp for now since it contains some sensitive data. I could however make a dummy version of what i’m trying to accomplish if it’s not entirely clear from my description.

repeater_dummy.rp (91.0 KB)

Yes, recommend uploading a dummy .rp file. In general it sounds like your approach is good and should work. Applying a filter from the data in one repeater to affect another repeater is tricky and best demonstrated in context of an .rp file.

I added the dummy rp file where the essence of the problem is visible.
However, It’s best to replicate the exact same behaviour, so if you check it: start on “Page 1” and click on a link (for example “1”).
Then , click on a “record” in repeater 1, the second repeater should filter according to the “Repeater1ID”.
Hope this is clear enough :slight_smile:

Hi @kristof,

repeater_dummy_V2.rp (79.2 KB)


  • TargetItem.ID => it will search in the value on the targeted repeater

  • “==” and not “=” => Axure is made like that

Hope it will help,

Thank you very much. This did the trick.
I didn’t knew about that TargetItem.

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