Selecting multiple widgets for 1 interaction

In Axure RP 8 or lower, you used to be able to assign an interaction to multiple widgets. But with Axure 9 I can’t figure out how to do that anymore. Did you take that out? Below is a screenshot where I have a bunch of widgets that I want to show/hide based on a button click. There are about 10 widgets. It used to be easy to multi-select all widgets , but now it seems I am forced to make separate interactions for each, thats 10 interactions.

Nevermind, I figured it out. FYI to everyone you can’t do it from the interactions panel, it doesn’t allow multi-select, you need to double click the interaction and multi-select from the interaction editor modal.

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I can not see the solution. In my case Axure doesn`t assign the interaction code to the selected targets. It will only create multiple blank targets without properties.

see Multiple targets for interactions in Axure RP 9

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I actually figured out another way besides the interaction editor to assign multiple objects to an interaction using the right hand panel (most people will use this since its exposed)

Check out my video below where I figure it out myself

@ kingquake
This is only adding new blank targets to an interaction where you would need to edit every single item.
In Axure 8 it was solved differently and saved a lot of time.

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Imo this isn`t solved at all!

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